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      Add: South of 308 State Road, Chengdong Development District, Xiajin County, Shandong, China
      Tel: +86-534-3937977
      Fax: +86-534-3935777
      Contact: Manager Xu +86-13573475595

      1, cotton Pu Shu (high with cotton) C16S-40S
      2, combed cotton yarn JC16S-JC60S
      3, modal yarn series, such as bamboo fiber yarn 20S-80S
      4, TWISTED plied yarn 21S / 2 32S / 2 40S / 2, etc.
      5, Pu Shu Siro spinning cotton C16S-40S
      6, combed cotton yarn JC16S-JC40S Siro
      7, C yarn AB21S-50S CVC 21S-50S
      6 Records


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