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      Add: South of 308 State Road, Chengdong Development District, Xiajin County, Shandong, China
      Tel: +86-534-3937977
      Fax: +86-534-3935777
      Contact: Manager Xu +86-13573475595
        About us

      Xiajin Zhongying Textile Co., Ltd. is situated in Chengdong Development Zone, Nancheng Town, Xiajin, which is known as "China Famous Textile Town". The company enjoys super geographic location and convenient transportation. In 2014, the company merged with Xiajin Xinhao Textile Co., Ltd. and the new company is Xiajin Zhongying Textile Co., Ltd. Zhongying is a private corporate enterprise, which engages in cotton purchasing and processing and in cotton spinning. The total investment is 180 million Yuan RMB, and the registered capital is 10 million Yuan RMB. There are 2 cotton mills and 1 cotton processing workshop. The company covers more than 150 mu, the total building area covers 26,800 sq. m., plant covers 18,600 sq. m., workshop covers 3,000 sq., m., office building and dormitory building occupy 4,000 sq. m. The company has introduced advanced production equipment at home and abroad, including: 2 sets of Jingwei blowing-carding machines, 110 sets of Jingwei spinning machines, 10 sets of Murata automatic winders, with Uster electric fiber cleaning function. Moreover, the company is equipped with Uster evenness tester, single thread strength tester, hairiness tester, yarn length measuring instrument and other inspection instruments. The company boasts strong R&D force, and it mainly engages in producing and operating siro spinning combed, carded, polyester cotton and other knitted and weaving cotton yarns. Our spinning capacity is more than 50,000 spindles, the output of various cotton yarns is more than 9,000 tons, the annual output value is 230 million Yuan RMB, and the tax is 20 million Yuan RMB. The company is key private enterprise supported by Xiajin government, and in 2012, it won the honorary title of investment advanced enterprise. 
      Adhering to the principle of "customer top, integrity first; win by quality, mutual benefit and win-win", we would like to cooperate with new and existing customers for creating bright future. 
      Jin Wenduo, Xu Wannian, and all staffs welcome you to visit us! 
      Realize the value of life, strive for success, enjoy our work!
      1, cotton Pu Shu (high with cotton) C16S-40S 
      2, combed cotton yarn JC16S-JC60S 
      3, modal yarn series, such as bamboo fiber yarn 20S-80S 
      4, TWISTED plied yarn 21S / 2 32S / 2 40S / 2, etc. 
      5, Pu Shu Siro spinning cotton C16S-40S 
      6, combed cotton yarn JC16S-JC40S Siro 
      7, C yarn AB21S-50S CVC 21S-50S

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